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Past life regression in person

I am based in two locations:-

  • Camden, London – England
  • Nottingham – England

So if you want to see me in person, I am normally available some time each week in either location.

How it works is that when you come to see me in person, we have a 30 minute initial consultation and then the session can either be straight afterwards or booked for another day.  If you have already decided that you want to get started straightaway, please let me know so I can keep the hour afterwards free.

As I am a hypnotherapist the regression is done in a relaxed hypnotic state.  This means that you body is more relaxed but your mind is more alert.  And that the conscious mind gives permission for the unconscious mind to work with me.

Generally going back to past lives I fairly simple as the unconscious mind likes to follow instructions, so I give it very clear and concise instructions on what to do.

Some clients see past life images in colour, some in black and white, some clients hear answers when I ask questions and build up the images, some sense or feel what is happening.  However you get the information is fine – the key is to keep on speaking to me about what information is coming through – this then allows the information to flow.

It is normal to also have the conscious mind have a few questions – such as “am I doing this right”, “ am I getting correct information”  It is best to just push those thoughts to one side and focus on the actual information that you are getting.

I tend to start with placing you the client above the past life memory so that you are safe just in case any traumatic memories come through.  However, at any time you can ask me to take you down to fully relive the past life memory.  If I do this, I normally give the instruction to only feel any feelings at about 10% intensity that they were originally felt.

The next step is to learn lessons from the lifetime and heal things appropriately.

If there are regrets – what can you learn and what do you need to apologies for?

Example – if you cheated on your partner – you might want to learn that it is better to communicate that you are unhappy before going down the route of breaking your marriage vows.  And you may want to apologise to your partner.

If there is anger or resentment – what can you learn and who do you need to forgive?

Example – if you were a slave – you might want to learn that you incarnated expecting to be a slave for a humbling experience and you need to forgive the slave masters for how they treated you and you need to understand the bigger picture of why you were there.

If there is confusion, we can ask to be given information about what really happened so that you can re-interpret the events.

Example – if you had a partner leave, tell you they loved you and that they would come back and then didn’t – you might want to learn forgiveness but also we can find out what actually was the cause of why they didn’t return and heal based on what the reason was.

Then we can also have the opportunity to rewrite the lifetime.  This means imaging clearing all negativity and inviting Angels to support you in the lifetime and then picturing how the lifetime would change.

The final question I ask is “is there anything else you need to know, learn, heal or change about this lifetime right now”. When we get the answer no, we have finished.

Generally in a face to face session, we can look at and heal three lifetimes in the space of the one hour.

If this is something that interests you, then please be in touch

Nicola Dexter

Free initial consultation – 30 minutes – value £50