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Professional Past Life Regression and Healing Services from Nicola Dexter BSc (H)

“Hello and welcome to my past life regression website.  I am Nicola Dexter, a qualified and experienced Past Life Regression Therapist since 1995”

Before I trained in past life regression, I had always been interested in past lives, reincarnation and karma and attended one of Denise Linn’s early workshops in the early 1990’s.

I have trained with Dr. Keith Hearne, Dr. Tad James, David Furlong and Dr. Brian Weiss, however I have created my own unique and fast way of not only accessing past lives but thoroughly healing them.

I am completely committed to healing as many past lives as I can for myself, my friends and my many clients and quite often this means healing 20 new lifetimes for myself every week.

I believe that we are now living in an extraordinary time on the planet where we have the capability to heal the past in a way never available to human beings before.

I consider exploring and healing past lives as an exciting journey which brings many fortunate coincidences or chance meetings to allow our lives to have a rich depth to them.

Free initial consultation – 30 minutes – value £50